A huge blessing!!

Trish took care of my parents when they lived in The Villages. She and her staff were so kind, hard working, and reliable. They treated my parents wonderfully and provided invaluable peace of mind to my sisters and I...we always knew our parents were in good hands.

If you have a need for their services, I HIGHLY recommend them. They are wonderful people doing important work, and doing it well.

Thanks Trish!

The Seibert Family

— Mike Hodges

Live like a president. Have your own personal Chief of Staff.

Trish first gets to know the job you want done. and GETS TO KNOW YOU.
Then she takes it from there.  Matching the job with the people and the people with you.
All hiring and firing , taxes etc. are taken care of  by Trish.   You get one statement at the end
of the month.
Need a change? Call Trish
More help?    Call Trish
She makes it easy !

— Eternally Grateful

Trish James was our first contact when we realized my mom and dad needed help. There really are no words to describe how much she means to our family. She went over and above In her care for them. She treated them like family. We knew that they were being well cared for. That means a lot when you live 1300 miles away. I trust her implicitly & would recommend her & her company to anyone that has those needs or whose family member needs help. She is truly one of a kind .

— Appreciative Daughter

My family has relied on Seniors Helping Seniors, and Trish James’s services for the last four years. Ms. James does an excellent job of screening prospective companions and an even better job of matching companions to seniors. That allows the family to relax knowing that their loved one is taken care of properly and to the mutual satisfaction of all parties.

Trish is a joy to work with and the companions she has placed with Mrs. B., have all proved to be terrific - trustworthy, reliable, kind, pleasant, honest, and thoughtful. That is a very rare combination!

— Daughter of another Mrs. B.

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